Cambodia weather in March 2023

Cambodia weather in March 2023

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Cambodia weather in March 2023

In March, the weather conditions are expected to be excellent throughout Cambodia. During this month, it’s suitable and safe to take all kinds of activities, even trekking in the northeast or scuba diving in the southern coast. Here are things you might need to know about Cambodia weather in March to plan your adventure there.

1. Cambodia Climate in March.

Tuk tuk

Tourists take tuk tuk to visit Angkor Temples to avoid sunlight heat in the middle of the day.

March generally can be considered as the start of summer in Cambodia when temperatures start really heating up in preparation for the humidity of April. Average temperature in Siem Reap is 30°C. The afternoons experience the highs of a sweltering 34°C and temperature drops slightly to 25°C at night time. In the coastal region of Sihanouk Ville, temperatures hover around 32°C in day time and 26°C after dark. Destinations like Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri in the north east region receive cooler temperatures with an average of 26°C.
This month is identified with great sunshine and pleasant weather. A few rainfalls make their appearance in the month of March, apart from baby showery blessings.

2. Suggested Places to visit in March.

No matter where you plan to visit in Cambodia at this time of year, there is glorious sunshine and the chances of rain are almost non-existent. Throughout the March, the UV levels can be high so don’t forget to regularly reapply sun cream and wear a hat or bring umbrella to protect your skins.

Angkor Wat sunrise

High temperatures in March urge tourists to visit Angkor Wat at its best time of the day: sunrise.

Don’t be frustrated by the high temperature in March because at least the advantage of visiting Cambodia during this time is that the tourist crowds start noticeably thinning out. The hot temperatures can be avoided by not planning your excursions to Angkor Temples or any outdoor activities as the whole day from morning to afternoon. Instead, just wisely save your sightseeing in the cooler times like early mornings and late afternoons. The middle hours of the day should be spent having lunch in the air-con restaurants, relaxing in the swimming pool or taking break in the comfort of your hotel’s room.

Dry weather and little or no rain in March creates a great time for adventurous travelers to head into the jungles of Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri, where trekking paths are more accessible and less aggressive mosquitos.

Phnom Kulen waterfalls

Young tourists cool down the summer heat by swimming at waterfalls in Phnom Kulen.

Another great activity in March is spending a lazy time in the riverside Kampot. To get short escape away from the heat, take a drive to the top of Bokor Mountain with refreshing breezes.
If you are in search for sun, sea and sand, March is really a good time to head to the south coast of Cambodia. The beaches of Kep, Sihanouk Ville and nearby offshore islands of Koh Rong, Koh Rong Sanloem continue to bask in the sunshine. In this month, the possibility of precipitation is extremely unlikely, which makes great conditions and good visibility for divers, or simply perfect for long relaxing days on the beach.

3. What to pack to visit Cambodia in March 2023?

Here’s the detailed packing list for a hassle-free Cambodian holiday in March

Visit Angkor

Tourists should pack plenty of light, airy and bright colored outfits to beat the heat of Cambodia’s weather in March.

  1. Clothing: Cambodia has many historical sites, temples, pagodas, therefore, tourists have to dress appropriately in these spiritual/cultural places otherwise they will be denied access in certain areas. Your clothing has to cover your shoulders and knees. Under the heat and sunshine of Cambodia’s weather in March, tourists should pack plenty of light, airy and bright colored outfits.
  2. Hat, umbrella, sunglasses are always with you wherever you go. Sunscreen will keep yourself protected from the sun. You surely will need every last drop of it!
  3. Sturdy footwear like trekking shoes or sandals help you to be comfortable while do lots of walking and trekking.
  4. Swimwear: you should pack at least two swimsuits because you can spend most of the day time in the hotel pool to avoid daylight’s heat. Not mentioning that the trip to beautiful beaches and islands in southern coastal region.
  5. Her Majesty The Queen’s coffin leaves Balmoral Castle

In summary, coming to Cambodia in March will bring you a lots of things to see and experience, providing that you can bear the blistering heat. Cambodia Travel team is always ready to assist any of your requirements! Just get in touch with us for all the help you need.

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